Noplace, Oslo proudly presents:


Georg Óskar

19.09.20 – 04.10.20

Soft opening: Saturday 19.09.20, 14:00 – 17:00
There will be no traditional opening and no bar (BYOB).
Opening hours 14–17, Saturdays and Sundays

I like this painting, I am very happy with it.

I notice how I feel better now, as I have finally managed to puke. Like I’ve been carrying my puke for years and years and couldn’t get rid of it until now, just stuck with this feeling of anguish like when you are sick. I finally feel better now. I am at the very top of my existence and this awful feeling of anguish is gone. Finally I feel better, I feel good, finally. Always between paintings I’m simply sick physically and mentally, full of this nasty puke feeling you know, like when you are ill.

I decided to show my masterpiece, no one liked it, I didn’t like it so much that people did not like it. I didn’t like it. I don't understand it, but I ask the question, how on earth could they like it better than me anyway. That is not possible because I find it so good myself, or at least felt I did.

People do not realize this. They are simply not receptive to this masterpiece.

Maybe they are just cooking, cooking something good, yes most likely cooking something good and don’t have time to look at the work more closely and as a result it just says nothing and they continue to cook and hope for a miracle that their kid falls a sleep by themselves even before seven o’clock so they can watch the news and then record the news and watch the news again just before bedtime, so the weather report will be fresh in memory when something has to be said tomorrow. Otherwise the day tomorrow will be the most embarrassing.

Maybe they’ve had enough of everything. I do and life too. That is not good. What do I do then? Maybe it's alright. I am not sure what I think about it. Maybe they find Picasso better than me and they think for themselves that I am no Picasso, but what if they don't know who he is? That would be great, that would tell me they don't know anything either way. But everyone knows who he is…

Maybe my work is too dark, too heavy colors most likely. People do not feel good watching the work and do not intend to raise their children up with this horror hanging all over their wall.

Maybe they just want something beautiful to hang above their sofa, with beautiful colors, you know... Just some beautiful picture from IKEA, not so heavy and muddy.

Maybe just a picture of a person in the middle doing something or just sitting there, with his hands in a comfortable position in beautifully colored clothes, even yellow and green which is reminiscent of summer on cold days, you know… A beautiful image with good structure, especially what needs to be present; a good composition.

Perhaps I’m not abstract enough and not minimalist at the same time, all abstract and minimalist works are expensive. White and black with a little color in the corner and long cool text about the work, some craziness squeezed out with a smile. This is art. Because he or she or it or them are educated and know what he or she or it or them are talking about.

I was so happy with my work earlier, with the painting I did. I’m not sure anymore, no one liked it.

Maybe it’s all in my head. I feel like I’m getting sick again, you know like when you get sick with the puke feeling back, and it’s not that long ago I got rid of it. I have again become very ill, my self-confidence is all gone down the drain.

I have become sick again, alone and abandoned.

– – –

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