Noplace, Oslo proudly presents:


Bert Jacobs & Gabriella Forzelius

24.07.15 - 26.07.15

Opening: Friday 24.07.15, 20:00 - 23:00
Opening hours 14-17, Saturday and Sunday

- heeey I see that you are reading hehe

- Hahha i am indeed

- are you using this material?

- Going to do some tests

- okey
I have worked with it before.
It is deadly
I tried ones to cast me leg in it

- Owh fuck
Thats abbad idea, you covered your leg with it?

- what?

- Super sticky stuff, you need some gloves and protection

- abbad, sound like a name
well I used plastic

- Otherwise it sticks to your fingers for weeks

- I have a picture on facebook when I doing it
really stupied

- You make me curious

- dont do it at home

- Hahah

- well just be careful
go outside
have a mask

- I just wanna make very boring foambuckets with it

- be prepared to run

- Nothhning special, just the material

- I just kidding
I love the foam material!
I have made a two meter long mushroom in foam.

- There where it should be, in swedish gardens
Other question, something practical. Do you still wanne perform or not, or maybe?

- maybe,well I am not sure.

- Its all fine, would be cool though, i had a plan to call you while performing,

- haha

- To hear if everything is fine
Because one work is called : have to call gabriella

- yeah ir could work.
haha it it true soo nice!

- very unreal

- OOh I wish I could be in dale now

- Surreal and banale

- daydreamer


- Sory i got lost in the daydream

- yess! But then it also can change to something real, if we are convincing.

- Absolutely!

- nO note you, I am a daydream who wants to be in dale
but I think you are a daydreamer also and like it
I like it ..god

-True that!
When i wake up in the morning its the daydream that starts
Endless flow
It stops when i fall asleep again
And when i wake up it starts all over

- I know!!

- Ok! Ha det bra x

- ja ha de fint X X

- - -

The exhibition is supported by Nordic Artists' Centre Dale.