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Kjell Varvin

16.01.21 – 14.02.21

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Usually one rarely witnesses unpredictable events, but this is not the strangest thing.

What is really apt to arouse astonishment is that suddenly, without warning, some tiny movements seemed to manifest themselves within a relatively limited area of the field of view. Things begin to move slowly, almost imperceptibly and with great precision over a period of time that is practically undetectable from my position, although faint shadows and thin streaks in the horizontal plane show that this is the case. The individual elements take up new spaces and complement complex, geometric systems. If I turn my head a little and cross my eyes, it may look like the space is filled with unruly tremors. It can not be described in any other way. From now on, it will be impossible to stop this strange development, and I feel reluctant to take on a role beyond that of a neutral observer. At least as long as it is impossible to intervene with funds that are strong enough and have the potential to derive, or at least dampen the effect. It simply becomes impossible to pursue a prolonged progression under such ever-changing light and temperature conditions, and the nuanced color shifts that occur as the seasons progress, one after the other in close succession. Regardless of the degree to which one is predisposed to such matters, it is easy to trace a kind of manifestable connection in the course of events.

I have become very aware of the conditions that gradually change, and the consciousness seems to adjust accordingly without it becoming necessary to concentrate on that part. A confirmatory automatic occurs at a certain time. It is a stimulating discovery that gives certainty of being on the right track in the assumptions. It can also be due to pure intuition, what do I know?

Another thing that naturally preoccupies me is the marked distance that has already been established between object and subject in the introductory phase. Apparently, an irreversible process has started in that the relationship between the three relevant planes gives the impression of expanding in parallel.

It will soon turn out that the academically acquired perception logic is shattered to pieces. But the course of events must not be anticipated, they must be allowed to develop uninhibited and in an organic way, even if one must follow closely and always leave all conceivable possibilities open.

For the time being, let it only be suggested that something like this could happen at the right time, regardless of the law on mutual exchange.

It is nevertheless disturbing to witness that the elements can so willingly be integrated into a collective, actualized interaction.

Relatively mass-determining and possibly one-weight proportional, it can be assumed that the dynamics are predestined relative to the available distance. It is not all that passes without leaving certain sensations of facing the accumulated indifference of the mass and a certain blamed refusal of displacement which may be due to an overheating of the cycle frequency.

It is up to the posthumous bodies to decide to what extent the outcome should be taken into account. I can not help but be fascinated by the victory of the effects over the cause, the victory of the surface and the pure object form over the fragility of the moment.

The events are therefore free to implode in their time-shifting existence as long as it is at all justifiable. It is an unshakable decision for which I can in no way abdicate responsibility.

I understand that with a certain willingness to reallocate the relations between the elements, from a fixed focus according to central perspective principles to a variable and more tolerant method, it will open up for a simultaneous faceted horizon of consideration.

When I realize this possibility, it is like a veil being pulled away. Thereafter, the first sequence is lived through a series of implicit phases that will prove to be crucial for the entire remaining process. There are several conditions that must now be clarified before the experiment can continue.

First and foremost, it is imperative to define the area in which the events take place. I can say that the area exists virtually on several levels, albeit not to an illuminated extent. It is hardly to mystify if I say that the first stage consists in evoking an imaginary and unlimited zone that can not simply be formatted within the dimensions of our relative concepts, but may have to be considered a fluctuating concretization without comprehensible substance.

Under certain changeable circumstances, one will be able to experience the zone as a clear tactile. An indefinable matter that is not maneuverable, but still perceptible as physical mass.

With the right focus, it is also possible to observe a certain movement in the weightless mass, oscillations that are not otherwise caused by thermal fluctuations, or other changes in the atmospheric conditions.

Through longer observation with accurately intersecting duplo focus, which enhances the dimensionality, short intervals can be noted that occur regularly and that pulsate, not only around the objects, but also engage them into a similar rhythm. I think that this phenomenon is a result of my own heartbeats which are amplified and affect the retina. After a while I am able to widen the distance between each stroke, and in the free time I have the opportunity to make the necessary measurements and can state, with a certain triumph, that my predictions are correct. It turns out that the oscillations propagate, in and through matter, as well as in the enveloping atmosphere, completely without separation. Such a discovery makes me warm and eager. Now, obviously, a barrier has been broken. Now I see unimaginable possibilities between object and subject. In this phase, I have no idea where these experiments will lead, although my previous experiences with optical phenomena were taken so far that I could repeat the events, time and time again with the same result. It could, for example, be a transparent cube that rotated against a white background, and which each eye perceived as rotating in its own direction, simultaneously. This represented a typical breakthrough at the time.

When you have experienced something basic, you know it!

I am now sure that a new zone is firmly established, without the banal dividing lines that usually characterize all fluctuating connections on the primary plane.

The prerequisite for the experience to be able to be further developed is that the friction gradually ceases.

Finally, a situation arises where a decision must be made.

Should I continue, or should the experiment end without being completed?

I am well aware that what is now being revealed, in any case, only represents the isolated intermediate stages in an infinite series of formal discoveries within the subject.

There is no reason for me, in this phase, to commit myself to exploring the first sectors further. I consider it reasonable that my task will be to examine the terrain in its entirety. Then I can consider the individual, and go as deep as possible into each of them. The peculiar oscillation that I had first observed and confirmed, turns out to be not only limited to the field that is within the main sector of the vision body. I therefore immediately decide to use a multifaceted method, where the visual field is admittedly divided into a number of sectors, each of which can be focused in different depths, but which nevertheless together will constitute a complete representation.

There is no reason to consider general misrepresentation and common shifts in perspective as distorting elements in this case where the research is at such an elementary stage.

When I now focus out of the first sector, and allow the visual field to narrow towards the most potent attraction, I get another big surprise. I had registered and conserved the previously mentioned oscillation, and kept it as an underlying factor in all the later observations, after which I went in and concentrated a sector facet towards the most active, pigment-pregnant locality. The miniscule, kinetic transformations had taken place throughout the course, parallel to the expanding time span, but by no means rectilinear. All trajectories complied with the non-illegal rule of mass attraction, even though the deviation in the movements was barely detectable!

The oscillations that are still active in the retrospective sense can be perceived as retarded manifestation. One can call it a "time-loop", without thereby wanting to define ad hoc. It is remarkable, however, that the "mental" temperature and consistency of the transmittal synapse appear to have undergone a change in the form of an increasing molecular density. A laminar compression occurs between two charged horizontal planes in the section included in the corresponding prismatic sector. It is primarily here that I am gripped by a prenatal wonder *.

In the cube-reduced action area of densification, I see increasing tendencies towards accelerating dynamics. Even adjusted focus even reveals oscillations in paths around points, which themselves move at varying speeds in all directions. (The simplest comparison would be the unpredictable flows that occur in a flask of water during alternating heating and cooling.)

I can go even further by making the focus pentagonal.

That is, I approach from five sides simultaneously and thus achieve a quasi-holographic reproduction that is split into a number of spectral facets. This enables observations of the individual photons which thereby seem to conform to the aforementioned, retarded time perspective.

* (So what is a Prenatal Wonder? See below.)

At this stage I must confess that my consciousness is no longer bound to its metaphysical self-mass, and correspondingly it is also in a timeless state. I am fully aware that the particles that have always flowed through the molecular accumulations have now reached the core fields of the fluctuating impulse exchanges. With a well-motivated effort, I can bring the interactions towards a layer of cognition where the egomental field dissolves into myriads of fragments, each of which reflects each other in a stream where the connection remains unbroken. I realize that it is time to introduce stability as a variable factor. Focus is therefore directed in two conoid directions and it becomes imperative to coordinate a dual-synchronous interaction between the two oscillating fields that had previously been observed and registered as synonymous.

There is no controversial contradiction in the relationship, although a certain tendency for lateral deviation or degeneration can be noted, especially in the area where one could expect an increasing degree of spontaneous crystallization from a meaningful, formal order, towards an entropic state which, however can never reach a recognized totality. One can at most regard this aspiration as a kind of material longing, or also as an occasional particle drive towards a favored, interacting molecular coexistence. In this phase, it is important to keep clear, and separate the vaguely congruent interactions that may occur between the fluctuating elements in a critical situation.

After this inciting and action-packed part of the project's realization, it can be stated that the two fields with associated variables, without transition, will find a synchronous continuity. This should with a high degree of probability show that consciousness does not operate in convergent conformity with relative time, neither as a concept nor as a doctrine. The sensation that is carried on after being censored by the a priori-determined layer of experience is demonstrably delayed in relation to the stimulus event. Perception is hampered by past rhetorical influence. The next field, which must be examined carefully, will later turn out to be about the mutual relations of the elements, both in terms of sublimated own matter and individual expansion drive.

A comparison will be needed. Each element, taken separately, occupies a position and apparently occupies a defined area in a macro state that is unanimously acceptable and measurable, detectable even without calibrated instruments. Upon intrusion into the nanoreality revealed during manipulated procreation in the formal cycle, manipulative nuances will emerge that turn out to be caused by a premature interaction, very similar to that previously described. However, the pregnant difference becomes noticeable the moment the rotation ceases. The whole system is based on the fact that a specific formula for refraction through transparent matter, spontaneously collapses and cannot be re-established unless one starts from the primary stage. Any aspired transformation of the unitary line in such an expansion ratio can be verified by a multiplication of the so-called "blue zone". The same effect will occur each time individual photons are allowed to interfere with matter, provided conditions are such that time shift is not prevented.

The further procedure requires a special form of investigation, as it is the future directional provisions that will determine the outcome. The markers are subjected to great stress, and it is up to the receptive part of the intervening system to maintain a minimum of stability during the ongoing registrations. It depends on the accuracy of the perception and interpretation of the incoming impulses. The relationship established between the focal point and the reflex angle of the photons is crucial. Emphasis must also be placed on the individual position of each part and its maintenance during the measurements. The reservations are thus many and varied. Other relevant premises are evident and should not be mentioned here. The distance assessments that now follow are totally dependent on the volume and speed of the equipment used. Here, there are good alternatives that individually give equal results. At the moment the measurements start, there is no possibility of interruption.

The process will continuously produce rows of results that circulate within the system, from one reflector to the other in orbits with exactly the same rotational speed. Attention is sharpened as the first signs of spontaneous pattern formation occur. Cross-focusing in the pentagonal formation is reality-enhancing and the photons entering the top three sectors will be reflected in multiple dimensions and in equal numbers of time slots. The visual diversity will be revealed as part of a fractal chain that pulsates in all directions, forwards and backwards in dimensions and time. The observations will reveal layer upon layer of projections in all directions. It is essential that one does not get hung up on the multifaceted color in these ultramental visions. Consciousness must adhere to the initial intention and progress unreservedly. What is observed is recorded in many layers and will be preserved in compressed form in the crystal patterns that form as the information is added. Then the details have passed all control means and sensor locks without friction, so that the registration can be considered as total.

By entering the newly created structures, where polarization is less sector-focused, it may be relevant to accelerate the next phase. It is divided into fifty-seven sections, or strata, where the particles are allowed to fuse symmetrically with the neutralized lepton fraction in the upper fourteen layers. The matter formed at this stage is not identical with the buson fragment in its spinning function. On the contrary! This is where the progressive deformation of the hyperstructure sets in and anticipates the perpendicular angle that is independent of the formatted performance. The closest one can now come to a derivative solution is by repetitive breakthroughs in advance of the thermostasis which occurs with an amplification of the frequency rhythm. This is not something that happens by itself.

It all now depends on the position selection in relation to the elements' mutual angle and lighting. It must be taken into account in the calculations that the elements reflect adapted pigment from the atmosphere, where it is exposed to varying radiation. It must also be registered in the ongoing progression whether the areas affected by radiation in the extended course will implode according to the conditions, or whether a certain degree of stimulated elevation will be observed. The substances that are implanted in the material risk giving a negative reaction. In that case, it is essential that this tendency is guided into an acceptable trajectory. The transition to a reassessed existence will take place in a way that can be accepted by all the bodies involved. Be it in relation to the proportional perspectives, as well as the bilateral ones. In the following, only the experienced will be referenced, the purely empirical premises will not be exceeded at any point.

The absolute objectivity can be guaranteed to the smallest detail, although it can be argued in the foregoing that the mental influence has prevailed, in both registration and result. It can therefore be taken for granted that the distance between object and subject has been canceled and that they have respectively ceased to exist so that the perceived and the perceiving part form a single whole. Still, one can not say that it will be like playing chess with oneself, because the self and the game are already annexed through the nivravian method. In short, the method involves redirecting the premises from the rectolinear to the pluralistic, megastructured projection system, via a transmuting function where the perceived kinetics are maintained as peremptory results with correlated validity.

1) The transformation that takes place within this system will not be able to be carried back in time.

2) All observations will take place in a progression parallel to the transformation of matter.

3) The experiment is subject to an irreversible metamorphosis, where the result is unpredictable.

4) Experience has shown that it does not provide any guarantees for the duration of the structural maintenance.

5) Preservation is not included in the premises.

6) The concept implies a development that will inevitably lead to absolute entropy, after which it will presumably occur a repetition of the cycle in its totality.

7) The notion of a permanent and complete dissolution of all patterns and structures is considered an ostentatious idealization.

* Prenatal wonder
of lat. pre natal, before birth
p. w. occurs as a mental movement in utero. The current individual in spe is in its state under the influence exclusively of stimuli that have not passed genitoric censorship and is therefore the recipient of purist impulses through the mother's pulse, breathing, normal body functions and phononic fragments that may penetrate the given barriers. The pre-individual will probably wonder about everything that manifests itself, and adapt the phenomena as part of itself, without being able to account for what is happening. Hence the concept of prenatal wonder.

- - -

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