NoPlace, Bytom and Kronika proudly presents:


- a part of "A Place Where We Could Go" ("Projekt Metropolis")

Damian Heinisch
Hanne Grieg Hermansen
Runhild Hundeide
Frido Evers
Lars Brekke & Henrik Pask
Jason Havneraas
Johanna Ellen
Magnus Vatvedt
Sebastian Helling
Marie-Louise Jacobs
Janne Talstad
Tor-Jørgen Van Eijk
Jon Eirik Kopperud & Saman Kamyab
Kjetil Berge
Kenneth Alme
Ingri Haraldsen
Petter Buhagen
Hans Christian Skovholt
Tora Dalseng
Victor Boullet
Kristian Skylstad
Karen Nikgol
Lee Meo



Opening: Saturday 5th October 2013, 7pm

Concert at the opening: Nmls (Piotr Micha?owski)

5th - 19th October 2013

"He is moving alone in his house, and everything is about him. They are skiing, but far away. These pictures are not pictures of buildings, but drawings. This building will never be built, because he chose to be an artist instead of an architect. They are cheering every time they see a nigger. Let the ink drop, let it flow. Shoes, I like womens shoes, and mirrors. Let me sing, sing, about him. Desolate landscapes, and here I am, recording their surveillance. I just want the image to brrrreake up, to breeeakkke up, to dissolve. There is an alternative to everything, especially the hype. I think in lines, I do, and I care how they do - the lines. We work together in love. I just stumbbllld into this, by accident, because we know each other. You just piece fabric together on cheap material and accidentially it looks like 911. I'll send something if I have time. Someone is alone, in this city tonight I try to do what's right, in this city... But I only transform quotes. I'm fiction, and you don't even believe it. PERFORM."



Rynek 26, 41-902 Bytom, Poland