Noplace, Oslo mechanically presents:


Louis Scherfig

23.08.13 - 25.08.13

DJ Brancusi will perform at the opening

Opening: Friday 23.08.13, 20.00 - 23.00
Opening hours 14-17, Saturdays and Sundays


The difference in fleeing from your first-born’s wedding and running to lose weight. Time is substance, and from moment to moment; space. We keep saying where is the empathy. When will humanity suffocate from technology and fall and everything is history. Past and present put together, all adding up to enclose the vast openness. No such thing as emptiness, the substantial void, we have to make do with that. The woe in urbanity interests us none, read it anywhere. We wear white underwear to keep track of spillage, to look fresh and browner than otherwise perceived. Sensible presents all wrapped in glue, glue is the gift, the mechanism of function. The fragrance of late summer evening, when morning people head home, the evening team is en route, and the people in between act busy and fiddles, but really; no one is as content as the next guy. I believe a film was made about that. It was all a dream, I swear it never happened. No more in-betweens.


The while it takes you to spent somewhere else. Lost climates will tan you, the scene won’t change. Walls the colour of yoghurt, opening the closure. Interstellar madness, with a shirt pretentiously nihilistic. Glimpses of absence, belonging somewhere, particularly nowhere. Banality is potency, potent pessimism. A heart condition, born on a diet but keeping it real, staying true to some game. Having mountains, growing trees. The perspective is there for sure.


Silken woven purple oil    risky busy tragic vacation    homeless homeless shoes night    panda girl time chance    ugly heat nasty neat    something bought it something    dusty water label crashing    garbage tortellini anxiety money    nostalgic romanoff walking walking    walking waking turning sunless    mile crying eating sleep    silken woven purple oil    smiles play monolith gym    garden no garden left    extract forsake    present always    cymbal cash remember army    espresso nothing remember espresso    beach final leaving late    closing lapses ingesting marlboro    echo solo pathetic crescendo    missing points wrong frodo    eyes salts shaking tremor    knowing untitled safety boring    crab gist blow puke    closing roads dining jerking    control barely try dumb


“Nel '65, per costringere Hanoi a negoziare, con il cuore pesante, ordinai al mio pilota di bombardare il Vietnam del Nord. Fu tremendo. Ma Hanoi non volle negoziare. Nel '66 fu di nuovo con il cuore pesante che ordinai ai miei piloti di bombardare Haiphong e Hanoi. ( Lasciami ascoltare un attimo) Fu tremendo ma Hanoi non volle negoziare. Nel Luglio del '67 ordinai ai miei piloti, nuovamente con il cuore pesante, di radere al suolo l'impianto atomico cinese. Fu tremendo ma Hanoi non volle negoziare. Nel '67, per costringere Hanoi a negoziare, e nuovamente con il cuore pesante, ordinai ai miei piloti di bombardare Pechino. Fu tremendo ma Hanoi non volle negoziare. Ora i miei missili sono diretti a Mosca. E? Il Presidente Johnson dice che Hanoi deve capire che la sua pazienza ha un limite."



by Jason Havneraas