Noplace, Oslo proudly presents:


Magne Lyngvær

18.03.16 - 27.03.16

Opening: Friday 18.03.16, 20:00 - 23:00
Opening hours: 14-17, Saturdays and Sundays

Home is so sad. The rooms so lifeless. It stays as it was left, shaped to the comfort of the last to go. As if to win them back. As a reminder that everyone of us is sentenced to solitary confinement.

It doesn't really matter - people never notice anything.

Beauty is the projection of ugliness and by developing certain monstrosities we obtain the purest ornaments. It is not caused. It is. Like a vast burning field. A nuclear winter. A black swollen sky. A war universe.

Desire can attain the darkest human terror and give an actual idea of hell and its horror. It's the most hideous instrument of human suffering. There is no horror movie worse, no murder as unsolved.


photos by Simen Øvergaard