NoPlace, Oslo proudly presents:


Magda Fabiańczyk, Rafał Jakubowicz, Erla S. Haraldsdottir, Lars Holdhus & Frederik Gruyaert, Paweł Kulczyński, Darri Lorenzen, Łukasz Surowiec, Łukasz Skąpski & Ayuta, Rafał Bujnowski, Paweł Jarodzki, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Tomasz Kowalski, Piotr Kurka, Kamil Kuskowski, Mikołaj Małek, Malwina Rzonca, Wilhelm Sasnal, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz.

Curator: Stanisław Ruksza
In cooperation with Łukasz Trzciński

12.12.14 - 21.12.14

Opening: Friday 12.12.14, 20.00 - 23.00
Opening hours 14-17, Saturdays and Sundays

... ... found cast of a hand, part of a monument of unknown origin (did it belong to a party leader or perhaps the Pope?) ... ... Renaissance lamentations versus gentrification ... ... steroid stuffing of disappearing plants... ... fallen regions ... ... patriotic tattoo sample by conceptual painters ... ... under shower landscape painting... tablecloths and skirts ... ....

"A Place Where We Could Go", is a title borrowed from a song by Jeremy Jay and is part of an international program known as the "Metropolis Project". It is organised jointly by the Imago Mundi Foundation, CCA Chronicle of Bytom, and the Silesian Museum, all in Poland. Using various tools of contemporary art, the project engages in a debate about places of complex identity that are stigmatised through stereotypes, as well as bringing up new or forgotten mental spaces in the region of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, which become a laboratory for artistic research for the duration of the project.

At NoPlace, a part of the participating artists' conceptual results are presented. The exhibition is not aiming to show a complete picture, rather selective partial narrations, commensurate to a multi-layered image of contemporaneity.